Library Reference

This presents information on the Bright API. The api module is the central place for accessing all of Bright’s features:

from bright.api import *

This command implicitly imports all of the underlying extension modules. While bright is primarily a collection of fuel cycle components (subclasses of FCComp), there are a couple of package-level functions and attributes that must be set for Bright to run successfully. These are explained here. Meanwhile, because of their potential for complexity, each fuel cycle component is given its own page.


All fuel cycle objects inherit from a common FCComp class. This takes care of all of the bookkeeping, input, and output for all component instances. Below is a diagram of the how all of the comonents inheret from the top-level FCComp object. Generally, a bright user will only need to call the bottom-level classes directly.

Inheritance diagram of bright.bright_config, bright.fccomp, bright.enrichment, bright.fuel_fabrication, bright.fluence_point, bright.reactor_parameters, bright.reactor1g, bright.light_water_reactor1g, bright.fast_reactor1g, bright.reactormg, bright.origen_reactormg, bright.reprocess,, bright.enrichment_parameters

Other APIs

The following parts of Bright aid in the construction of the fuel cycle or help provide an API for generating code.

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